If you’ve always dreamt of owning and driving a Mercedes but just can’t afford its price then there might be a way to finally make your dream come true—bring home a VW Passat CC Coupe. This four-door coupe is a sleek personification of the classy Mercedes which is actually its rival.

The VW Passat CC Coupe comes with a headlamp and front grille plus a Panorama power vent sunroof which will keep you appreciative of the night sky. With pillarless doors and large glass panel stretching from the windscreen’s top you get a car with that upmarket look.

Inside the VW Passat CC Coupe is a make-believe luxury car with seating for four persons and three different steering wheels. You also get the Dynamic Drive Control which allows you to change controls from comfort, sport or normal. Whichever control you choose will get you going without having to spend an arm and a leg. And don’t worry if you get a little sleepy sometimes and you stray far from your lane because this car is able to automatically steer you back to the right lane.