The Tesla Roadster has a big butt and a smaller head but there’s no offense meant there. This Roadster is not cheap and it does not pretend to be considering its six-digit price tag geared towards moneyed and can-afford car buyers. The same big butt however continues to attract onlookers, both those who can afford and those who are simply curious about the Roadster’s secrets.

The Tesla Roadster is a bigger and more expensive mobile phone but with the same charging time of almost three hours. With the $3,000-worth charging system you can expect your car to be in full charge the same time that your mobile phone does. Such system used to be a standard feature but now you must pay extra to get that perk.

What is amazing is not only the minimal charging time but the fact that you can just plug the Roadster into your wall outlet using the included 120-volt plug but then again that would take up to 37 hours sans the special charger. You can however opt for the 10-hour charging system by purchasing the 240-volt system for $1,500.

The more you are willing and capable of paying the more convenient your Tesla Roadster could be. For $120,000 you already get the 3-hour charging system complete with the 70 amp wiring system to be installed in your garage. And for $2,300 more you get forged wheels and you’re ready to go.