If Mr. Bean’s Mini Cooper has elicited a lot of laughs then wait till you see the Mini Cooper S by Arden and you will start to look at Mini Coopers in a different light. Made by German tuning company Arden which is popular for modifying British vehicles like the Land Rover and the Jaguar, the Mini Cooper S by Arden looks the same but entirely different. It is the same practical Mini you can tag along tight city streets but it looks sporty.

The standard Mini Cooper has a 1.6-Liter engine producing 172 horsepower so expect the Mini Cooper S by Arden to produce over 200 horsepower with a new set of wheels, new exhaust system, new custom interior and new body kit.

As Arden gears towards new markets you can expect a lot of modification works for the Mini to project sport yet luxurious looks. The Mini Cooper S by Arden, which is the first such project, is based on Arden’s own Cup race car which will compete in the Mini Challenge series this year.

Inside the cabin of the Mini Cooper S by Arden are high quality materials like premium woods, Connolly leathers and carbon fibers.