What's this? Somehow, the natural order of things in the automotive world has been upset to the point that Ford (129,898 total units) has outsold Toyota (126,540 total units) in the United States in the month of April. For those keeping track of such things, this is the first time in over a year that the Blue Oval (consisting of Ford, Lincoln and Mercury, but not including Volvo) has moved more machines than the mighty Toyota.

Normally, posting a 31% decline in sales compared to the same month a year earlier wouldn't be cause for celebration, but that drop is actually considerably smaller than at rival automakers, including Toyota, which saw sales fall by an almost unbelievable 42%. Not a single Toyota nameplate posted sales gains in April of '09.

Ford, on the other hand, found something to hang its hat on with the new 2010 Fusion. Ford moved 18,321 Fusions in April, which is a 21.7% improvement over last April and a record for any month. That success was offset somewhat by the 35.8% decline in F-Series truck sales, but a gain is a gain, and Ford will take anything it can get.

[Source: Ford, Toyota | Image: Jewel Samad/AFP/Getty]