The Dodge Challenger SRT10 is a concept vehicle unveiled during last year’s SEAM show. It has an 8.4-Liter all-aluminum V10 engine –the same engine that powers the Dodge Viper—producing 600 horsepower and a torque of 560 pound-feet.

The Challenger sports a new Tornado red paint which makes it all the more aggressive. It has a prominent front splitter and carbon-fiber deck lid and hood with a shaker hood tat feeds air to the engine. The exterior is matched with a red engine star push-button found at the dash.

The Dodge Challenger SRT10 boasts of a much-improved performance thanks to Bilstein shock absorbers and performance brakes. Inside the Challenger are sports seats as well as carbon fiber accents. The smoke produced by the tires of this auto is enough to get the ire of environmentalists. The Dodge Challenger SRT10 delivers benchmark performance and with all the customized works done on this auto including the attractive paint you would be blind not to appreciate it.