The increasing price of fuel has made the Hybrid vehicle a rage making the battery-assisted Ford Escape a hit in 2004 since it was the first car company to offer a hybrid utility vehicle. At a not-so-cheap $30,000 per vehicle it is amazing that one in every eight Escape vehicle sold is a hybrid. With the entry of the 2009 Mercury Mariner Hybrid Ford now has two options for the hybrid-crazy car market and frankly, more options to make more money.

The 2009 Mercury Mariner Hybrid has a price tag of $33,000 to include a moon roof, rearview camera, Travel Link Navigation and leather seats. The price is not an issue though considering that it can achieve 30 miles per gallon while still enjoying a luxury and refined ride.

The 2009 Mercury Mariner Hybrid will have a 2.5-Liter four cylinder engine which is an improvement over the previous model’s 2.3-Liter engine. The new version will however hold on to the 330-volt Nickel Metal Hydride battery but with more stability and traction control thanks to the new electric brake system.